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Patients are often not savvy enough to recognize the importance of adherence and even if they do, they are often buried with the demands of daily life and adherence goes to the back burner. Adherence combined with biometric measurement and feedback is a strong motivator and provides a better argument for adherence


With increasingly complex payor regulations, plan restrictions and other day to day issues, prescribers recognize the value of adherence but lack tools that can help them achieve that in a targeted, proactive manner. BeneSalus tools will address this issue by providing prescribers actionable information in a real time manner that can help them intervene in a timely fashion and also track the intervention for subsequent followup, metrics and demonstrating an increased level of care.


Play a key role in patient wellness particularly adherence and are key to ensuring prescription compliance. There is a big gap between the dispensing events that is critical to adherence and addressing this gap is key to improving patient wellness


Caregivers are vested in keeping the patient healthy avoiding unnecessary hospitalization and other acute events. An effective monitoring and adherence system will simplify their relationship with the patient and help them intervene in a targeted fashion


Payors are constantly tailoring plans looking for effective ways to optimize cost and maximize patient wellness. A targeted adherence system will go a long way in achieving that milestone


The industry has made huge investments in the research and discovery of various drugs and prescription adherence is critical to managing the patient's disease. Benesalus macroAnalytics provide Industry with real life adherence patterns and patient health improvements