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  • Passion to Improve
    Quality of Life!
    We provide tools for the Patient and Provider
    to monitor and improve compliance to achive the end goal
    of a better Outcome for all! A circle of care that brings together
    Patients, Providers, Payors, the Industry, Pharmacists and more!
  • Circle of Care
    Better Outcomes!
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Welcome to BeneSalus

What is BeneSalus: Open Architecture, Chronic Disease Management Platform that integrates patients, providers and payors in a continuous closed loop value chain to optimize the patient's wellness, providing opportunities for targeted proactive intervention from the patient's circle of care.

The goal of all these activities is to improve measurable patient outcomes and the health of our society. BeneSalus is Latin for Good Health and so - To Good Health - BeneSalus.

Founders: BeneSalus founders have worked at the intersection of technology and healthcare for the last 20 years. With the advances of technology and the increased digitization of healthcare, they have also realized the short comings of the current platforms and have put together a vision and a roadmap for a data driven platform that can close the gaps in the current technology, integrate the currently available tools and devices and focus on improving the patient wellness.